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The Future of Aging in America

Panel on The Future of Aging in America, featuring three of Next Avenue’s 2018 Influencers in Aging: Thomas Kamber, executive director of Older Adults Technology Services; Anne Tumlinson, founder of and Sara Zeff Geber, president and owner of LifeEncore and author of Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers (solo agers are people aging alone).

By Richard Eisenber

nextavenue April 24, 2019

She Was Betrayed by a Gentleman’s Handshake

The history of invention is littered with men who took credit for women’s ideas.

By Chris Riess & Amy Hill

The Atlantic March 25, 2019

Don’t Be Taken In by Dementia ‘Pseudomedicine’

How to spot the flimsy science behind things like ‘memory-saving’ supplements

by Hallie Levine, 

AARP April 10, 2019

Raising Boys With a Broader Definition of Masculinity

A psychologist explains how a strong relationship with a parent or teacher can help boys be their true selves, even when those selves don’t fit within narrow cultural norms.

How to Navigate the conversation.

By Julie Beck 

The Atlantic April 15, 2019

Can’t Sleep? Here Are 11 Surprising Causes

Alcohol, stealth caffeine sources, and even certain medications can cause insomnia

by Jessica Migala,

AARP, March 8, 2019


Measles Outbreak ‘Accelerates,’ Health Officials Warn

It’s a question that divides Americans, including those from my home town.  But it’s possible to find common ground.



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