Dear Friends,

I have spent my entire career — the last twenty-three years — working to improve how America pays for and delivers care to its oldest and frailest adults. I have worked in government, done policy-wonk research, and consulted to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living providers and home care companies. I continue to work with leading foundations, providers and thinkers in this field.

Also, over this time, I have written A LOT of policy and research papers and have given speeches and trainings to businesses about how to improve how they deliver health and aging services. In addition to papers and speeches, I’ve testified before federal commissions and Congress.

Despite all of this fevered dedication and typical Washington, DC type-A activity, I have had a series of humbling experiences as friends and family have started coming to me for advice about their aging parent’s care. My knowledge of the system didn’t prepare me for or teach me how seriously families are suffering as a result of the real-life, day-to-day chaos in our health and elder care systems. It was a shock to me just how little support people receive.

The problems my girlfriends have faced – lack of information and tools, poor delivery of care, confusing options, and just normal grief about shifting roles — and my efforts to help them .. motivated me to create a website through which I could channel my knowledge and my experiences helping them to help you.

So, I started I am taking my expertise in aging services and my connections to other experts and providers – and I am turning that into, what I hope, is a resonant and encouraging place for you to connect with the insights and perspective you need. I have a special mission to help women but I hope men will take advantage of the information too.

In case you are wondering, I grew up in Gainesville, FL, went to school in South Carolina and Boston, and now live in Washington, DC. I have two children who are much more awesome than I deserve: a 15 year old daughter, Grace, and a 12 year old son, Jake. We live with a very old (we aren’t sure HOW old) lab/hound mixture of a dog, Maggie, who makes us smile every day.

I am really looking forward to working with you. I have a terrific team supporting me as I support you, so please subscribe so we can connect with you regularly, send you my newsletter and other special information.

Thanks so much,



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