Passages in Caregiving

This is a combo memoir handbook. It’s a well-written, SHORT and SMALL little book you can put in your bag and carry around with you. Judith gets that we don’t really need an exhaustive list of what to do as much as we need to know the essential things to do.

Her chapter on “HIPAA, SCHMIPPA” gives great, easy insight into the most important
first step in becoming your parent’s advocate.

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The LastingMatters™ Organizer

The LastingMatters™ Organizer is the ultimate, comprehensive roadmap to getting prepared with your parents’ essential information and wishes.

WILL THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITHOUT YOU? The LastingMatters Organizer is a roadmap to your essential information and wishes.Don’t leave your legacy or important instructions to chance. Help those who care about you most by planning ahead for the future. The LastingMatters Organizer will save time and money, reduce stress and guesswork, minimize family arguments, and provide clear instructions.Help your family and friends find what matters most to you, while creating true peace-of-mind.

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The Dutiful Daughter’s Guide to Caregiving

This is a combo memoir handbook. It’s a well-written, SHORT and SMALL little book you can put in your bag and carry around with you. Judith gets that we don’t really need an exhaustive list of what to do as much as we need to know the essential things to do. Her chapter on “HIPAA, SCHMIPPA” gives great, easy insight into the most important first step in becoming your parent’s advocate.

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A Bittersweet Season

This book is another of my favorites. First off, it has the same wonderful readability as “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” Jane is very generous in showing us all the twists and turns of her journey with her aging mother. Step by step, we watch as she and her brother navigate her mother’s last years. Always transparent about her own desires and wishes, she openly shares where she might have made wrong turns while at the same time making a strong case for how the system fails us all. The end result is you get great advice and information without feeling like you’re reading a “How to..” book.

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They’re Your Parents, Too!

What I like about this book is that it normalizes the challenges associated with getting along with your siblings through the process of handling your parents’ care. This book will reassure you that this is hard and you are not alone in the struggle. Issues are loaded and the book is filled with tips for handling them and working with the people who make you craziest.

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Medicare for Dummies

Medicare is the health insurance program that pays for your parent’s hospitalizations and doctors. And, you will, at some point, be dealing with it. Fortunately, Patricia Barry knows more about Medicare than most Medicare analysts here in Washington. Despite the “for Dummies” title, this is a dense handbook so this one you’ll especially want to pick and choose what you need, rather than trying to read it all in one sitting.

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Caring for our Parents

A quick disclaimer: This book was written by one of my favorite people in the world. Howard went from being a financial journalist to handling his parents’ and in-laws’ care and realized the insanity of the system we are up against. In response, he wrote this book and now works on a variety of projects — some with me! — to bring about change in how we pay for and deliver care to frail elders and people with disabilities. This book won’t tell you how to handle your parents’ care but Howard ably shows you how crazy the system is and the suffering it creates. If you are politically or policy-minded, he explores options for change that you will appreciate knowing.

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The Conversation

This book is specifically about the nuanced and complicated area of end-of-life decisions and how to make them. It’s about the conversation between family members and between patients and doctors. It’s also an easy read with lots of resources and information.

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Being Mortal

You should read this book if a) you are interested, generally, in the issue of how the health care system treats aging and death, b) you want reassurance that you are not failing – you are just up against a very tough system. You will also get insights into how to interact with doctors and hospitals. It’s written beautifully and reflects a physician’s honest appraisal of how we fail.

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