Daughterhood San Diego 5 Year Anniversary

September 16th & 17th 5:00-7:30 PM (PDT)
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Daughterhood San Diego Caring for Caregivers Fifth Anniversary

Daughterhood San Diego is celebrating its fifth anniversary of caring for caregivers in San Diego with a two-night virtual event. On September 16 and 17, 2020, Daughterhood members in San Diego and across the country will celebrate five years of support and caring for one another. The celebration spans two evenings for two and half hours each night, featuring speakers on topics important to caregivers, caregivers sharing their own stories, and a little bit of fun, too.

Daughterhood San Diego’s monthly meetings are a blend of community support and resource sharing, and this anniversary event will be absolutely on brand! On Wednesday night, two speakers will address end-of-life legal documents and mindful self-care for caregivers. Thursday night will feature a presentation on CBD and cannabis for caregivers and their loved ones, and end with a look back at five years of Daughterhood as well as a look forward by the national group’s founder. Both evenings will include frontline caregiving stories from local San Diego Circle members, and drawings for raffle prizes. The complete agenda, with speakers, topics and times, can be found below.

In September 2015, two San Diego senior care experts joined forces to bring a cherished concept to life. Christine Lee (Casa Companion Homecare Solutions) and Karen Van Dyke (Senior Care By Design) were already serving San Diego’s seniors, their families and their caregivers when they decided they wanted to do more. They discovered Daughterhood.org, the brainchild of Anne Tumlinson, a Washington D.C.-based author, consultant, and aging expert. Anne’s experience with aging in the public, private and personal sectors inspired her to create a national resource to help families care for loved ones. With Anne’s support and blessing, Christine and Karen launched Daughterhood’s first local Circle, which has been sustaining and strengthening San Diego caregivers ever since.

The entire Daughterhood San Diego Circle invites you to join them virtually on September 16 and 17 from 5pm to 7:30pm Pacific Daylight Time. All current, former, future, and potential caregivers are welcome! Advance registration is required, and the Zoom meeting information will be sent by email upon registration. This two-part event is virtual and in an open-house format, so attendees can join and jump off the video session as they wish. We look forward to celebrating Daughterhood with you!


Christine Lee, CSA – Cofounder of Daughterhood San Diego, Managing Director of Casa Companion Homecare Solutions
Karen Van Dyke, CSA – Cofounder of Daughterhood San Diego, CEO of Senior Care By Design
Amy Hsiao, Attorney – Founder of Hsiao Law, PC
Julie Potiker, B.G.S., JD – Author and mindfulness expert
Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA – Author and Founder of Holistic Caring
Anne Tumlinson – Founder of Daughterhood, CEO of ATI Advisory

Wednesday September 16th, 2020 5:00-7:30pm

5:00pm  Daughterhood Members Join Evening One of the Fifth Anniversary Celebration
5:05pm  Christine Lee and Karen Van Dyke, Cofounders of Daughterhood San Diego:
Welcome Attendees and Introduce Amy Hsiao
5:15pm  Amy Hsiao: “What Keeps You Up at Night? Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Parents ‘Aging Ready’”
6:00pm  Amy Hsiao Q&A, Raffle Drawing
6:15pm  Chat Fest: Stories from Daughterhood San Diego Circle Members
6:30pm  Christine and Karen Introduce Julie Potiker
6:35pm  Julie Potiker: “Mindfulness as a Way of Self Care for Caregivers,” with a Guided Meditation
7:20pm  Christine and Karen Close Evening One: Goodnight! and Raffle Drawing

Thursday September 17th, 2020 5:00-7:30pm

5:00pm  Daughterhood Members Join Evening Two of the Fifth Anniversary Celebration
5:05pm  Christine Lee and Karen Van Dyke, founders of Daughterhood San Diego:
Welcome Attendees and Introduce Elisabeth Mack, RN
5:15pm  Elisabeth Mack, RN: “Cannabis as Medicine for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones
6:00pm  Elisabeth Mack, RN Q&A, Raffle Drawing
6:15pm  Chat Fest: Stories from Daughterhood San Diego Circle Members
6:30pm  Christine and Karen Introduce Anne Tumlinson, Founder of Daughterhood
6:35pm  Anne Tumlinson: “Daughterhood at 5 Years: What Have We Learned and What Does it Mean?
7:20pm  Christine and Karen Close Evening Two: Goodnight, and Thank You for the Last Five Years!

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