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Daughterhood is bringing you a gift on Sunday July 19th at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST . That gift is Dr. Erin Raskin, Doctor of Acupuncture, and her mad talents for teaching self massage on Zoom. You know you can’t get to your masseuse right now…this is the next best thing.  And it’s not just about massage it’s about sesame oil vs coconut oil, scalp tinglers and your kidneys – it’s about nourishing your life!  You know that headache that keeps trying to creep up…there’s a self-solution for that.   When Karen recently took the Self Massage Zoom class with Erin, a stiff neck was starting to grab hold.  Within 30 minutes after that Zoom call – peace and calm.  Give yourself this gift…Erin’s giving it to us. You need and deserve it. 
You will learn self-massage techniques to sooth your nervous system and provide the benefits of touch during this time of physical distancing. Since professional massages are off the table (get it?), this is the next best thing!  In this FREE SELF-CARE session we will:
  • Describe the benefits of touch 
  • Identify pressure points that help support the nervous system
  • Practice nervous system soothing techniques through self-massage
  • Support each other and come together in community